TentanG ItU InI @ The LondoN ArT ScenE RuleS

AbouT WherE I UseD To LepaK...

One of the East Ends must go to spots.
Modern art shows works by high profile artists including German photographer JuergeN TelleT and Brit duo TiM NoblE & SuE WebsteR.

The instutute of Contemparary Arts was found in 1994 by the poet and lirterary critic Herbert Read.
Being a homage to experimental and cutting-edge art, it has shown works by the likes of HenrY MoorE

Namned after the gallerist and founder MaureeN PaleY.
This fashionable cormmercial gallery is a long established persence in Bethnal Green.It has been showing Contemporary and emerging art from both sides of the Atlantic for over 20 years.
PaleY's line up includes TurneR Price winner WolfganG TillmanS and GiliaN WearinG, along with Beck's futures 2004 winner SaskiA OldE WolberS and PauL NoblE.
The programme features works by AndreW GrassiE.

Inaugurated by the Queen in 1968, the Harward Gallery is located on the south bank of the river Thames, between the Royal National Theatre and the Royal Festival Hall.
The building in itself is an example of sixties brutalist architecture and it house impressive temporary exhibitions.It has recently shown works by important British artists including FranciS BacoN,DaviN HockneY and SteveE Mc QueeN.

Under the guidance of VitA ZamaN and MagnuS EdensvarD.
Ibid Projects has rapidly gained a reputation as a gallery to watch out for.
They focose their attention on emerging artists sush as AnJ SmitH, ArturaS RailA and NedkO SolakoV.


SiddiQ said...

I wish i can visit those beautiful places someday..

BoY@BellO said...

Insyaallah..masa u masih panjang dan peluang u masih luas terbuka ..Someday someday :)

SiddiQ said...

Someday, If the day finally come,
when i visit those places
i'll spend a moment to remember u and your blog while im at it.

BoY@BellO said...

Insyaallah .I will pray for you too :)