TentanG ItU InI @ InterpretinG MatissE PicassO

AbouT Matisse & PicassO

One day, meeting Max Jacob on one of the boulevards.
I said to him, 'If I were not doing what i am doing, i would like to paint like Picasso'.'Good heavens', said Max, 'how odd!'
Do you know ,Picasso said the same thing to me about you?'

Matisse in conversation with Pierre Courthion ,1941'

To Be ContinuE..


SiddiQ said...

interesting.. waiting for more story..

BoY@BellO said...

please wait..more to come......letih otak da..huhuhu

SiddiQ said...

Matisse & Picasso ni ade buku ke?? kena baca sendiri nih.. lama sgt tgu crol nih..

BoY@BellO said...

huhuh :P