TentanG KamU @ CapricorN


The first time you meet Capricorn they may appear aloof, but what they really are, is cautious. Their interest are in art, theater, music and in their own career.Usually they are drawn to people who are intellectually stimulating and they seek a partner who will fit into their realm of life. They prefer to discuss serious subjects, however, will always be there to listen to a problem.

People born under this sign appreciate luxury, although, they don't like splurging to make an impression.They feel that money is a serious issue that spells out security.

Capricorn's tend to be dominating and are not easy to win over. They also expect to be pursued and not to be pursuers. If you're going on a date with this zodiac, make sure you are prompt. If you say you will be there at a certain time, be there.
They are intolerant to people who say something and do something else.

If you have a tendency to let your emotions rule you, then you may want to keep looking for someone else, since the Capricorn can come across as cool and reserved. As they take a common sense approach in almost everything they do, it will be included in their relationship. They want to be cherished, honored, loved and respected.
In return, passion will run deep and you will have a loving lasting relationship.


Shawn said...

100% correct. :-)

BoY said...

Shawn: I'm speechless & Thanks....Me just being honest with my feeling about "SanG CapricorN" ....

Shawn said...

haha... mmm anyway i love to read ppl's blog. :-)

BoY said...

I'm sure People just love to read your blog too...sweet Sang Capricorn :)