TentanG AkU @ ScorpiO

'AkU ScorpiO'

If you've ever met someone that you found irresistible from the moment you met, it was probably Scorpio.
They are fascinating and have an air of mystery about them.Although, what you see on the surface is only what they want you to see.
They may appear direct and a bit forceful, but underneath they are venerable and sensitive.Scorpions take love very seriously and are searching for very admiration from a partner.

Letting a date with Scorpio is easier than forming a long term relationship with them.You will have no trouble seducing them, however if you are looking for extended relationship, that's a little harder. Although the Scorpion can appear, at times, to be a loner, it's a deception that guards them against being hurt as they tend to wound easily. Once the commit to a long term relationship, the Scorpion will be a faithful mate providing both financial security and dependability.

Plan a day at the beach, a social affair, or do something recreational as they enjoy places where they can associate with other people.They appreciate being listened to and want to know that they have your complete undivided attention.

Although it's hard to get into an argument with someone born under this sign, if you become insistent and disrespectful toward them, it will happen.

They also hate to be dominated along with being taken for granted.

Keep in mind that the Scorpion can be extremely jealous and protective of the person they choose to spend their life with. They seek someone generous,loving and affectionate that will provide them the feeling of security.In turn they will provide plenty of passion, affection, and complete devotion in the relationship.

They will always take your feeling into consideration and have a great deal of energy when it comes to passion.


SiddiQ said...

So Far.. So True =p guilty as charge..
Thats u right? Mr. scOrpio..

BoY@BellO said...

I am what i am........hahaha..
You maybe right :)

SiddiQ said...

does it applied to all scorpiO??
coz dis is the 1st time i found my significant others..

BoY@BellO said...


SiddiQ said...

Wonder why, wonder how.. Lemon tree =p

BoY@BellO said...

very the lemon tree.........huhu