I'vE LearneD

"I'vE LearneD ThaT SometimeS ThE PeoplE YoU ExpecT To KicK YoU WheN YoU'rE DowN, WilL Be ThE OneS To HelP YoU To GeT BacK Up"


SiD said...

a repost, with a different picture.. =)

just have to forgive our self..

e.g: the plant died bcoz i put it at the wrong place =p i don't mean it.. yet, it still my fault.. but i need to forgive myself.. so that i can move on..

BoY@BellO said...

Did i post it ealier?
..yes i've changed the entire I've Learned siries to cartoon pic
...i want to have a bit of fun reading it and looks creative...huhuhu........

Maybe i did post it in FB ealier not my blog :)

ps..Get a new plan and make it grow :)
I love growing plans..

SiD said...

yup .. u did in ur post..
and i said "i must forgive my self for looking at someone else arse" - referring to the post photo..

BoY@BellO said...

CQ..yes u betul..
i used to post it ealier...tak terperasan since i change all the series pic....hahahha....thanks :)

So sweet of you remember the pic...ops!!

SiD said...

OpS... hahaha...
i tends to remember about a lot of things..

but always forgot to learn from those lessons..

BoY@BellO said...

That is anature of being human.
It's ok :)