ComE JoiN ThE PartY @ MaddonA

So ThiS Is It!

Madonna's newest single Celebration is finally HERE!
And let me tell you I LovE It!
I mean It.
She's not trying to be hip.
Cutting edge or 22 years old again.
She's just being old school Madonna!
What are you waiting for?


Shawn said...

What a co-incident!

BoY@BellO said...

WhaT CaN I SaY :)

Anonymous said...

tentang abg ke ni...???
tentang hidup yg seperti putaran roda...ada kala di atas ada kala di bawah....bila di atas tak pandang dibawah...bila di bawah teringat ketika di atas...

BoY@BellO said...

Siapa yang mengomen ni eh..huhu..Anonymous???

Yes ... my blog.my story.my words.myside......Tentang segala kurang dan lebih abg yang boleh dikongsi bersama dan bersama belajar dari pengalaman dan kenangan...

Begitulah kehidupan.

Btw..ThankS :)

SiD said...

back in year 2000.. that was the only time that madonna's songs really got my attention..

n im clueless on other things about her..

BoY@BellO said...

VougE Is my forever favourite :)